Robots are becoming increasingly indispensable. Autonomous systems are being developed for exploration, transport, security, healthcare and even mundane household tasks.

Yale is an emerging leader in robotics. Collaborating with various government and industry partners, Yale researchers have addressed key fundamental challenges in robotic manipulation, biorobotics, aerial robotics and computer vision.

Yale Undergraduate Robotics connects these researchers with enthusiastic undergraduates and pursues projects to inspire Yale students to become future leaders in robotics. It provides hands-on experience with cutting edge robotics hardware and fosters entrepreneurship by developing marketable robotic systems.

YUR three main aims:
  • Understand the robotics industry and the emerging roles robots are playing in our daily lives.
  • Develop skills and experience in areas crucial to advancement of robots: mechanical design, navigation and control, computer engineering, and computer vision.
  • Promote robotics on the Yale campus by developing student-faculty ties, hosting speaker events, and holding training workshops.
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