For Students

We love learning, challenging ourselves, and taking risks. As part of our team, you can expand your intellectual horizons, develop new problem solving skills, and get your hands dirty with cutting edge robotics hardware. If none of our current projects interest you, you can propose your own project, and get our support to get started. For students new to robotics, we offer bi-weekly lessons and practical training on our test hardware.


For Faculty

Robotic platforms can be key to research in areas such as robotic manipulation, computer vision, and control systems. Expedite and improve your research by outsourcing basic hardware implementation to us. Save your lab staff's time to focus more on your research specialties.


For Industry

Our team offers a unique mix of services ranging from product design, hardware implementation, and project management. Have us work on your basic development problems, while you concentrate your resources on differentiating your product.

Email: robotics.team@mail.yale.edu to get involved.